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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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a wildlife officer team up to get a trapped deer. channel
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rball mania.
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we'll break down the winning that prize. a deer caught in a net. you will hear from the people that helped rescue that deer next. pesky problem/ where cleveland ranks among > macy's is closing dozens of stores. find out which ones and why. >> feet were coming off the ground with the hoof and i didn't want to injury him in the process.
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suppose to catch golf balls the woods. instead it caught the deer. >> it happened in a mans backyard. he teamed up with the to takedown the deer and rescue it. >> we have ory. >>reporter: it's incredible and suspensionful. -- suspenseful. you hear it grunt every once in ully the story has a happy ending. >> i was there for 45 minutes. the first 35 to 40 to get er in the right prosignificance -- position to get it to the ground the deer ks but no thanks. >>reporter: the deer wondered in this backyard. >> he was running side to side and knocking himself down. >> i want to show you is.
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look at the holes. crow can image if a deer ntler stuck inside the holes how hard it would >> i'm 20 pounds heavier than the deer. >>reporter: eventually they grabbed the buck by the antlers and took er: they used a knife to cut the deer free. >> the net was caught in >> in his mouth as well. >> don't cut me, don't cut me. >> don't cut sn't neverrous or afraid. afterward i thought that was crazy. >>reporter: after a minute of cutting the men jumped off the deer. looked around to get woods.
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>>reporter: the deer was probably a year and half e it or not it's not that uncommon. this is the 5th time he had to rangle a deer. it's the first time caught on tape. >> he's getting a lot for it maple heights police are investigating a shooting at an apartment building. police say it appears it was a struggle inside the building the victim was taken to metro. no word of his condition or suspects at this time. the brooklyn teen that missing for weeks is speaking out about an abduction on dr. phil. tomorrow part two will air.
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linda and her boyfriend listen. biological father got upset. >> leave with this knowledge in mind. >> thank you very much. >> we are done. >> you are still butting in. >> you can catch the entire interview tomorrow on dr. phil. the naacp delivered it's request to release trance skirts in the rice case. they presented the request to the prosecutors office this afternoon. the group wanted them to petition the judge to release the transcripts. tonight the prosecutor responded to the request. in a statement he said this office has been careful not to release any grand jury testimony and to comply with
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every time police use deadly force and kill a citizen a independent investigation will be conduct con -- conducted and will make those results public. a grand jury decided no bring charges against the two officer in the rice case 9 days ago. his mother had words for the lebron james comment. she said she thinks it sad that james hasn't commented on her son. the least he could do is wear a t-shirt about the case. lebron declined on the situation. he said he didn't know enough to speak about the case. traffic is moving smoothly at this hour along i-90. two separate accidents backed
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this is video of the first one. dozens of vehicles were involved. five motorist were taken to the hospital. at 9:00 police responded to a 8 car crash that shutdown i- 71 at the i-90 split. that has also been reopened. bad news for northeast ohio. they are ranked third of the nation for city plagued by bedbugs. we are one of five city on the list including dayton and cleveland. tonights powerball jackpot is a record setting $500 million. chris todd was out there with those hoping to win. >>reporter: hi, sarah from ross is in tonight. the
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folks were in here all day gobbling up these 2 and $3 tickets. it's an 1 and $292 million shot. this is $150 million shy of the record breaker several years back. >> folks are looking over their tickets tonight. is there any method to choosing a winner. >>reporter: yeah, there is. i suggest getting the pause button on your dvr. these are the numbers that hit most often 26, 41, 16, 42, 35, and 39. the most common powerball number of all-time is the number 20. keep that in mind if this does
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>> there are a lot of numbers we are talking here. for prospective winning that 1 and 292 million that's a long shot. >>reporter: these are almost hard to believe. the odds of winning this powerball are greater than some of the most unbelievable things on earth. consider this. it's more likely that you will get struck by lightning then win tonight. it's more likely you will become the president of the united states orbitten by a shark. or dying from an asteroid. kind of grim. the last time someone won the powerball was almost a month ago. it was november 7th. since then 17 drawings and not a single winner. if this rolls over again it will officially be the biggest jackpot of all-time. we'll have a sense of who won, how many and who won tomorrow morning.
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tonight if it's not you or me. >> that was harsh. a his dooric night in maple heights. the first female and african- american mayor. she selected other conceal members at tonights ceremony. closing up shop. macy stores are closing. caught on camera, a high school coach ejected from the game. find out what he did to the referee. the force awakens in the box office just set another record. >>reporter: no records set today. we had a pretty chilly start. the mercury will be rising for the next few days. it will start to fall. we'll talk about your forecast,n.
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@ @ more problems for chip lot @chipoltle. @the federal @investigation centers on 100 @people that became sick after @eating at the chipotle mexico @grill.
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@linked to chipoltle since last @summer. @ macy stores are closing in. @we'll go to hilary. @nationwide @how many stories are we talking @about? @>>reporter: we are talking @about 36 stores shutting down. @for macy's it was a bad @november and bad december and @that adds up to a time when @people really need us to buy. @>> it's very sad and it @doesn't help our mall.
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@companies stock tells the @story. @last year was ref. @the last 12 months stocks fell @more than 20%. @>> not a surprise macy's is @closing. @>> nope. @>>reporter: huge anchor stores @sit empty. @>> it's one of the better @stores. @>>reporter: starting this year @3,000 associates back office @and call center jobs are on the
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@as well as 150 executive @positions. @>>reporter: they are opening
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@all of the stores in the nation. @ star wars has surpassed @avatar. @star wars earned enough @today to beat the $750 million @growth. @>> i'll try a jet eye mind @trick. @>>reporter: it will be sunny @and 70 degrees tomorrow. @>> we want it to be that. @>> you may have to go off to a @far-off galaxy. @>> fine tune those skills. @ let's look at what we are @expecting for the day tomorrow. @>>reporter: it will be warmer.
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@in the afternoon. @the clouds will increase and @thicken. @we are mostly cloudy in @northern ohio. @you can see that we really have @horrible conditions compared to @other portions of the country. @storms are lining up the @mississippi river valley. @they aren't advancing eastward. @at the same time we have a @prestorm system moving in. @that's advancing. @what will end up happening is @the west stream will track @across the country. @we'll see it digging south. @when that takes place all of @the storm systems and tracks. @things are moving eastward @right now to the west that will @change and by friday we'll @bring rain into the forecast
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@cold air with the digging truest @troufh. @we did @this last week. @it's a neat way to visualize @how the weather will come @south. @we move forward in the forecast @and bring the cold air into the @south as we head into the @weekend. @by monday morning we are in the @thick of things. @matter of fact through the day @temperatures will be falling. @i don't think we'll make it out @of the low 20s. @it will be a big change. @the reinforcing shot of cold @air will be on wednesday. @it will be an one-two punch. @that's some thing to keep an @eye on. @mostly cloudy skies. @we will only make it up to the @40s through the day tomorrow. @did you say 60s or 70s?
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@now and those powerball numbers @too. @we still have to mostly cloudy @skies in the forecast. @we'll get peaks in the @forecast. @once we are in the midday hours @temperatures should be @dropping. @temperatures will land in the @low 40s. @high thin clouds will be on the @low end. @clouds and sunshine for you day @tomorrow with temperatures in @the low 40s. @your window nation 7 day @forecast. @we'll have temperatures that @hold in the forecast for @friday. @upper 40s and here comes the @plunge on sunday. @you see it by monday we don't @make it out of the 20s. @we'll stray cold. @>> thanks a lot.
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@>> we'll let you know if their @winning streak hits five games.
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@ @>>reporter: the cavaliers won 5 @games in a row. @they are unstoppable. @he received an 300 career word. @a monstrous @dunk. @he had 24 points. @now @there is nothing wrong with @this knee.
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@he had 32 on the game. @he won 121-115. @he will win against the @timberwolves. @lebron james @marketing agency has no longer @getting a afail -- @afillation with jonny manziel. @the company is run by one of @his friends. @they said it was a mutual @decision to terminate their @business decision. @was a distraction for everyone. @>> he's a distraction to @everyone around him. @you know, @he needs to figure it out at @one point, we hope. @ now to jonny manziel's @team.
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@coach. @let's go along with him. @adam gates offensetive @coordinator with the bears this @year. @he was in denver before this. @he had an 3 hour meter. @everyone wants adam gates. @philadelphia scheduled a second @interview with him. @terrell austin is 50 years old. @he interviewed with the browns @today. @he's never been a head coach. @very well thought of @around the nfl. @he will @interview with them. @he was the @assistant head coach. @currently @he's in dallas as it secondary @coach there. @he will interview with the
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@that will be held in dallas. @the browns will interview both @coordinators from the @cincinnati bangles. @they will interview them on @sunday. @the former head coach of the @raider. @their defensive coordinator @hasn't been a head coach. @ to college basketball we @go. @ohio state at northwestern @tonight. @cam williams hit a three. @ohio state caught fire. @they won 9 out of 10. @they will play indiana. @ basketball hall of fame. @the election and votes @tabulated today. @two people ken griffy jr. he @smashed all of the votes.
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@so is mike piazza. @mike is also going to the @basketball hall of fame. @ charles won cronwell. @he got a great send-off from @the boys and girls club. @he's going to the olympic @training center and go over @abroad and hopefully to rio. @ all right, thanks. @ we'll be right back. @ if your new years @resolution is going offtrack. @why now is not the best time to @lose weight. @ hungry at work? @the best snack to munch on at @the office. @tomorrow on channel @3 news today.
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@ @ three brothers in minnesota @are showing off their snow @building talents. @they are building a huge master @piece in the front yard. @>> they put in 400 hours of @work. @in the past they did a @turtle, shark, and warrus. @>> i guess they have no jobs. @good for them. @>> news in the morning begins @at 4:30 a.m. @>> see you tomorrow. @have a
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